Trick of one’s Starry Air Arch [ ]

Lucy with the rest of the members trapped in Tenrou Area, output to your Fairy End Guild just after becoming discovered by Bisca, Alzack, Squirt, Droy, Max, Warren additionally the Trimens away from Blue Pegasus. She watches while the Mavis Vermilion suggests that she was one whom stored him or her, just before vanishing once again. Lucy, plus the almost every other returning professionals, try invited back by Romeo.

An excellent distraught Lucy, plus Happier and Natsu, try later on viewed perambulating the trail family. Right here the group encounters a few female complaining regarding their fathers and you will wishing these people were lifeless. So it angers Natsu and results in him yelling from the lady. Lucy tells him to avoid and you may apologizes for making him or her care regarding their. When Lucy says you to definitely she believes she dislikes the woman father, Natsu answers that just because the she can not cry that does not transform how she seems. Later, Natsu and you can Happy come which have a career in order to cheer Lucy right up. Yet not, he or she is surprised if the Landlady says to her or him the fresh new letter that came having Lucy also came with seven age property value book. Because they run off to do the job (today seem to truly the only of them without dining otherwise money) they give Lucy they can provide their back some restaurants. Reported by users so it, she thinks in order to herself that despite the seven decades that had enacted with out them, they are residing in this world regardless, so she says to Happy and you will Natsu that she is future with each other also.

Since Natsu and you may Happier barges toward Lucy’s flat once more and read their unique, Lucy gets mad and you can ashamed together with them

Natsu and Happier use work one requests getting men called Velveno seized and place for the jail. The client of one’s employment, Matter Balsamico, servers a golf ball the eight many years which merely wizards will get sit in. The intention of golf ball is to get a suitable partner for Balsamico’s daughter, Aceto. The wizards going on the fresh new mission must routine societal dance given that the event is actually a baseball. Lucy and you may Natsu dance along with her when they practice towards ball, however, Natsu enjoys going into Lucy’s foot. Lucy, Natsu, Warren, Grey, Erza, Elfman, Happy, Carla and you will Wendy use the trip.

Just after celebrating this new return of the missing people, Lucy knows the lady dad need to have already been alarmed and you can goes to head to your at Like Happy guild including Natsu and you will Delighted

Shortly after work had a holding stop, Lucy wishes this option go out someone do plan to their when you look at the a comparable manner. Natsu solutions to Lucy regarding behind and you can calls the girl identity. Blushing, Lucy turns to but finds that he’s actually likely to come back because they have ate continuously, exhibiting his bullet tummy. Lucy pleads him to stay and you may asks him in order to moving that have their. Natsu and you may Lucy are noticed dancing along with her when you find yourself Natsu is still stepping to the Lucy’s legs, additionally the Troia you to Wendy throw on him to get rid of their motion sickness to your swinging dance platforms runs out.

Lucy asks why are they here, hence Natsu reactions they own and occupations to accomplish and you may free czech dating site claims that actually work isn’t the exact same rather than Lucy. Lucy, up coming becomes handled by this however becomes crazy and you will enraged whenever Natsu and Pleased request dinner, that renders Lucy stop her or him out. Whenever you are Lucy try inquiring the fresh guild what to do about this lady invisibility. Natsu comes with a notion to “burn off all of the concoction posts”, hence goes wrong. Just after enough attempts to contrary new concoction perception. Lucy starts disappearing away from life with no one to recalling the girl. Shortly after Natsu ends up his buffet, the guy call abreast of Happy and you will Lucy, and that Natsu now remembers Lucy and you can brings her back into lifestyle. Lucy after that thanks Natsu getting providing her back.

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